On October 21, 2013, we – as Edmontonians – have a unique opportunity to shake up Edmonton’s political scene and build the new City Council we want to see! ActivatED recognizes that municipal issues in Edmonton are highly complex;  the importance of a well-informed, genuinely forward-thinking City Council is crucial to navigating decisions that shape our present and future city.

As of September 17, 2013 there are 60 candidates running for Edmonton City Council.  Without the party system of provincial or federal politics – it can be quite the task to keep track of each new candidate and why each individual’s capacity to represent the citizens of Edmonton in elected office. Perhaps you have had a chance to look at a few candidates’ websites and have noticed that many candidates are running on very similar platforms.  How can we as the public make informed decisions about who to vote for when so many candidates seem to want the same things?

Introducing – ActivatED!

We are a group of concerned, young forward-thinking Edmontonians who are committed to doing extensive research on each individual running in the upcoming election. Based on criteria we have created, we will be endorsing one candidate we feel to be the most strategically strong and forward-thinking vote in each Ward. We invite you to check out our research, our definition of progressive, and ask questions!

We are also mobilizing volunteers in strategically selected Wards where we believe an injection of person-power can secure the election of our endorsed candidates. Please check out our ‘Get Involved’ section!

In solidarity,

The ActivatED Team