About ActivatED


ActivatED is committed to electing forward-thinking progressive councillors in the 2013 Edmonton Municipal Election.


ActivatED’s strategy is to connect progressive, engaged Edmontonians who are dedicated to creating a better Edmonton with progressive candidates who share similar values, visions, and goals. Our purpose is three-fold:

1. To conduct in-depth research on each candidate running in the 2013 Municipal Election and serve as an information source to the public based on our findings.

2. To provide united person-power to support progressive Edmontonians who have stepped up as candidates in the 2013 Election.

3. To show Edmontonians that they have a rightful and important place in electoral politics and engaging in electoral politics, beyond voting, is a key medium to enact systemic change.

Our Actions

1. Through extensive research, ActivatED will be endorsing a candidate we find to be the most progressive and strategically strong in each Ward. Check out our list of endorsed candidates and the criteria we have developed to select them!

2. ActivatED will be running strategic blitz campaigns for specific endorsed candidates beginning August 5 until Election Day.

3. ActivatED will be providing training to individuals who wish to be more involved in our initiative and assist with our mobilizing process.

Contact Us

Follow us on Twitter – @ActivatED2013

Like our Facebook Page for updates –

Email us –


One thought on “About ActivatED

  1. It’s very disappointing there is nothing regarding Energy and Environment (energy policy, like the support of renewables) any where on this site.

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