Andrew Knack has the credentials to be an effective City Councillor. In addition to having a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the U of A and being a manager of a successful business, Andrew is also the current President of the Meadowlark Community League and the Vice-President of the Jasper Park Community League.

One thing that Andrew believes Edmonton drastically needs relates to implementing smarter growth policies. Andrew wants Edmonton to reduce its sprawl. However, he sees that there is no financial incentive for developers to promote infill development. If elected, Andrew would work to include all stakeholders in the development process to ensure that the recommendations from the Elevate Report and the development percentages set out by the Municipal Development Plan are fulfilled. Afterwards, Andrew would like to balance the target percentages set out by the MDP to see that 50% of new development is infill-related.

Over the last ten years, Andrew has used varying methods of transportation to get around the city. Along with cycling to work, Andrew tries to walk as much as he can throughout his community. Concerning bike infrastructure, Andrew realizes that painting arbitrary bike lanes on the roads is not efficient. Instead, he would like to see separated bike lanes or multi-use trails implemented so that more Edmontonians will be drawn to use active transportation.

Andrew also acknowledges that the expansion of the LRT must be a key priority for the next City Council. He is aware that the current funding model for Edmonton’s transportation system is not fair. The city is already putting in more money than most other major Canadian cities concerning transportation, and Andrew believes that explicating the need for increase funding to the provincial and federal governments is absolutely necessary. Andrew also has multiple concerns with the P3 funding model for the Southeast LRT plan. He thinks that transit is an essential service for Edmontonians and he is worried that the quality of service might diminish as a consequence of the P3 funding model.

Another issue that Andrew thinks is absolutely crucial is transparency involving campaign financing. In the last municipal election, Andrew was the first of only three candidates to disclose his donations prior to E-day. As was the case three years ago, Andrew has pledged again to disclose his finances prior to E-day. On the topic of campaign finance reform, Andrew would like to see contribution limits lowered significantly.  He would also like it so that it is mandatory for all candidates to disclose their donations prior to E-day. In addition to making donations tax deductible, Andrew is also open to the idea of banning all corporate and union donations.

Andrew also sees the inherent necessity for urban agriculture in Edmonton. He thinks that it is important that City Council supports local food growth. Andrew believed that FRESH was a step in the right direction. However, he felt that it left many unanswered questions that should have been addressed before being accepted by Council. He believed that the consultation process concerning FRESH was inherently flawed and that certain groups were not properly listened to. In spite of this, he is hopeful that the Food Council can address the many unanswered questions left by FRESH and that significant resources are allocated to implement urban agriculture in Edmonton.

Andrew has also shown that he believes in the principles of equity and has a keen interest in increasing his knowledge and experiences relating to vulnerable populations and minorities. Andrew is intent on knowing the challenges that all Edmontonians face.

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