In Linda Sloan’s time on council, she has proven to be a champion of progressive issues in Edmonton. By looking at her voting record on council, Linda Sloan has shown that she can be a worthy ally for progressive Edmontonians.

For example, regarding the public-private partnership (P3) project for the Southeast LRT, Linda Sloan was the only councillor to vote against the plan, showcasing her disapproval of further privatization of the city’s public infrastructure. However, it is important to note that Sloan is not against expansion of the LRT—she believes that transit infrastructure is a worthy investment and is in favour of extending the LRT. Ultimately, Sloan thinks we should not “compromise the long-term viability and quality of transit” for the false promises of a P3 funding model.

This sentiment can also be exemplified in her condemnation for the Arena funding model, which she could not support, because she disagreed with the use of public money to be used on infrastructure for a private business. In addition, she was critical of the process, which she thought was “disrespectful” for not allowing the voices of Edmontonians to be heard and to introduce new information in-private.

Concerning the topic of urban agriculture and farmers’ markets, Linda Sloan believes that we should able to have a better connection to the food that we eat, which includes the experience of growing, eating, and buying locally produced food. Consequently, she thinks that Edmonton should invest in its local food economy. Sloan was successful in adding amendments to the Edmonton’s Municipal Development Plan to enhance urban agriculture. She also helped to initiate a sustainable food policy. However, like us, Sloan was disappointed with the weaknesses of the proposed FRESH strategy, criticizing that it “offered no analysis and financial or land based investment to determine the necessary infrastructure and funds to increase local food production.”

Overall, Sloan is very passionate about creating a sustainable Edmonton. This opinion relates to her concern about Edmonton’s relentless low-density development of its surrounding areas. With the increasing costs of core services and infrastructure, she foresees this growth as unsustainable. Seeing that existing neighbourhoods are in need of necessary infrastructure, she would like to see the city’s administration to adequately prove the need for suburban residential zoning before she can approve it.

Finally, ActivatED thinks it is important to note that when looking at the candidates running in this election, it appears that there is a lack of women running for office. Consequently, for Linda Sloan to not be elected and to further lower the representation of women in municipal council would be detrimental and would weaken the democratic process.

Linda Sloan is a councillor that we cannot afford to lose. She is smart, articulate, pragmatic, and she truly makes her decisions with all Edmontonians in mind.

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