Max Merrett has deep roots in Edmonton and his community. He raised his family in Hazeldean and ever since becoming a member, has been involved in coaching and managing soccer teams, guiding community initiatives, and working with developers to create sustainable initiatives in his neighbourhood. Max is the Civics Director for the Hazeldean and Ritchie communities. He also represents Hazeldean on the Greater Strathcona Area Council and is a member of the Old Strathcona Business Association.

Max has worked in both the private and public sector. Currently, he works for the Government of Alberta as a Strategic Planner in the Open Government Program. Most of his work experience involves developing and initiating policy, handling long-term projects, and leading organizations through risk and change management. Through these roles,  Max has proven his ability to genuinely listen, to engage individuals in the conversation, to create rapport and consensus, and to successfully guide a group to reach its end goals. ActivatED recognizes these skills to be of high value in a City Councilor.

Max’s perspectives and demonstrated track record align with our vision for an improved and sustainable Edmonton. One of his main focuses concerns community consultation. Max has first hand experience regarding the present ineffective consultation process. He understands the need for critical reform to accommodate communication between the city administration and Edmontonians. If elected, Max is committed to working with administration to make certain that Edmontonians are consulted early on, and that they will be recognized as important players in the decision-making process.

Max would like to see good working partnerships between the city and developers to promote sustainable infill developments. He would like to see an effective urban agricultural strategy that is created through proper community consultation that can benefit all Edmontonians. Concerning public transportation, Max is an advocate for extended late-night service. He believes that this is a crucial piece missing in our current transportation infrastructure that would serve students, shifts workers, and increase practically for most Edmontonians currently using or wanting to use transit. He is particularly concerned about the Southeast LRT P3 project. He realizes that P3s are notoriously costly and ineffective when they are utilized for transportation infrastructure. When trying to implement policy to combat these serious issues, Max would enable an effective consultation process, which would hopefully result in increased civic engagement and a better relationship between city administration, politicians, and Edmontonians.

Overall, ActivatED believes that Max would be a wonderful contribution to City Council. He is knowledgeable, pragmatic, and an excellent facilitator of constructive relationships.

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