Amarjeet Sohi is the incumbent for Ward 12 and his platform focuses on efficient transportation and crime prevention within Alberta’s capital.

Over his two terms as a city councillor, Sohi has been one of council’s environmental leaders, including advocating for a stronger, sustainable and ethical procurement policy for the City of Edmonton.

As a former employee of Edmonton Transit, he is a champion of efficient transportation options for Edmonton residents. He is the Chair of the Transportation Committee and represents the City of Edmonton on the Canadian Urban Transit Board. He believes that effective transportation is crucial to a modern and sustainable city.

Sohi has served as the council’s sponsor of Safedmonton, a city-wide committee working on community solutions to crime prevention and drug issues by looking at their root causes, and as an advisor to the REACH Edmonton Council for Safe Communities.

Sohi has worked closely with communities and has served both the Southwood and Meadows Community Leagues and various other initiatives within his home riding. He has volunteered with Public Interest Alberta, the Centre for International Alternatives, and the Canadian Labour Congress and he has strong relationships with the Police Chief’s Indo-Canadian Liaison Committee, the Punjabi Cultural Association, and the Punjabi Arts Association.

He has also been Edmonton’s leading voice against racism and is a proponent of Edmonton as a multicultural city that celebrates its cultural roots. He also believes that our diverse heritage can bring us together to promote learning and cooperation. He is a representative for City Council on Racism Free Edmonton, a city-wide committee that works to reduce discrimination and racism in Edmonton.

Although, he does support the construction of the new arena in downtown Edmonton, Amarjeet has the vision to create a forward-thinking, sustainable Edmonton.

For more information, please visit his website at, his Facebook at Amarjeet Sohi (, and his twitter at @sohiamarjeet


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