To say that Ted Grand is an engaged Edmontonian would be an understatement. Since the early 1980s, Ted has been heavily involved within his community and has shown dedication in his aim to understand the inner workings of his Ward and City.  From his work with various community organizations, such as the Lorelei Beaumaris Community League and the Castle Downs Recreation Society, Ted has received several awards acknowledging his community involvement. His most remarkable achievement was in 2005 when he received the Alberta Centennial Medal.

Ted Grand has exemplified that he has the critical mindset to advance progressive issues on council. Ted realizes that the growth of Edmonton is inevitable, and he believes that this growth needs to be in the best interests of all Edmontonians – in both the short and long term. Ted sees the inherent benefits of a smart growth plan and argues that Edmonton needs to start looking inward as we consider our future vision for the City. Prior to engaging in new development projects, Ted articulates the necessity of a comprehensive citizen consultation process prior to construction, planning for accessible transportation options,  sustainable preservation of green spaces, and that usage of existing infrastructure is maximized.

Ted’s experience and business background lends valuable insight into Edmonton’s debt,  and he has proposed various mechanisms the City can use to both manage the debt and increase the financial health of our operations.  He states specific concerns regarding the P3 funding model , particularly around the Southeast LRT project.  He is worried that the standards set for maintenance, operation, and safety might not be maintained to the fullest extent. He also believes that there is not enough evidence surrounding P3s to prove that they actually save money in the long-term. Ted thinks that there needs to be thoughtful dialogue between the city and other levels of government regarding the benefits of City ownership of core public services.

It is also noteworthy to point out that Ted understands the advantages that urban agriculture can bring to Edmonton. From providing a fresh food source, Ted believes that urban agriculture can add to the quality of life for Edmontonians, that it brings communities together, and that it encourages the growth of local businesses.

Ted also recognizes the need to support the services that vulnerable populations depend upon. If elected, one effort that Ted would commit to would be to increase the funding for the Family and Community Support Service Grant Program, which “funds preventive social service programs that enhance the wellbeing of individuals, families, and communities”. While many individuals involved in municipal affairs are quick to state that the provincial and federal governments have a greater responsibility to care for disadvantaged populations, Ted knows that each level of government must do their part to increase quality of life for all Edmontonians. He believes that one key way  City Council can contribute is via our housing strategy for disadvantaged individuals and families. Ted recognizes stable housing to be one of the first foundational pieces to helping to break the cycle of poverty. Ted would also like to see that initiatives like ‘Housing First’ receive continued support.

And lastly, like all other candidates that ActivatED have endorsed, Ted has committed to disclosing his funders and their donations prior to E-day.

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3 thoughts on “WARD 2: TED GRAND

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  2. YMCA pool,and so much tax money,why can we as Roslyn members not get to use it,

    seemingly it is a private affair .

  3. YMCA pool,and so much tax money,why can we as Roslyn members not get to use it,

    seemingly it is a private affair and what about city taxes,should it not be based on income,talking about common sense.

    also is it not time to move CN and CP out the city?

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