David Dodge is a man truly connected to his community. A quick stroll with David  around his north Edmonton neighbourhood, Evansdale,  will prove just that – almost every third door David knocks on is greeted with a ‘Hey Dave! It’s so nice to see you!’  From spending 10 years coaching sports teams to 6 years as president of Evansdale Community League, David’s roots in Ward 3 run deep. A common sentiment of north Edmonton residents is that issues of the northern communities are often deprioritized and pushed off the City Council table. We believe, if elected, David will demonstrate commitment to his Ward and will not let this happen.

David also served as past-president of the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues where he has demonstrated the ability to help communities advocate for their individual needs and work together to support each other.  David’s capacity to listen, engage  and lead are skills we know to be essential in a City Councillor.  One of David’s greatest claims to fame was the immense community unity he fostered when his Ward was faced with the unwelcome intrusion of a Walmart development. Advocating for the various cultural and religious groups who had expressed concerns about the location of the Walmart, David facilitated commendable community consultation and successfully fought to prevent the Walmart from being built in Ward 3 (no small feat!)

David applies a ‘green’ lens  to his take on development, growth, and transportation. With an academic background in forestry, he values innovation and creativity in the efforts of the City to become more sustainable and environmentally friendly.  He is the producer of Green Energy Futures – a project “that seeks to share the stories of green energy pioneers who are doing incredible things just below the radar of the conventional media.” David is enthusiastic to stay on the forefront of environmental technology and seeks to bring this vision to Council.

David takes the LRT to work everyday through the winter and is very much connected to the frustrations Edmontonians experience with the transit system.  He seeks to foster a better working relationship between the city and provincial government to develop collaborative efforts to better municipalities.

Infill and mature community revitalization are priorities for David. Instead of antagonizing residents of mature neighbourhoods with hasty new developments, David believes that involving citizens in the planning process and helping to show people how beneficial it can be is key. He is also weary of the P3 model of funding for city infrastructure projects, concerned that hiding debt ‘off the books’ and decreasing accountability to the public are unhealthy methods of governance.

With coveted strength in environmental innovation and proven ability for effective and fair community consultation, ActivatED is happy to endorse David Dodge who is committed to building a city that is, in David’s words,  “financially, socially and environmentally sustainable”

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