ActivatED Ward 4 Statement

ActivatED will not be endorsing either of the two announced candidates running in Ward 4 thus far, as there are clear clashes between ActivatED’s priorities and the priorities of each candidate.

ActivatED will not be supporting incumbent Ed Gibbons primarily because of his pro-development position and voting record regarding the Northeast Farmlands. ActivatED is concerned about the City’s tendency to prioritize development on Edmonton’s outskirts, as well as the deprioritization of Edmonton’s valuable agricultural lands. While ActivatED acknowledges that development is crucial to a growing City, we advocate for efficient, sustainable smart growth – not growth simply for the sake of profit. ActivatED is also concerned about Ed Gibbon’s less than favorable response to the numerous community consultation processes that took place prior to the Horse Hills vote

Ed Gibbons will also not be disclosing his election finances to the public prior to the election.

ActivatED will not be supporting candidate Sam Hachem primarily because of his leanings towards fiscal conservativism. While he is enthusiastic to reduce Edmonton’s debt, his practical plans to do so focus on “increasing efficiency,” leaning more towards austerity measures instead of considering alternative ways to fund City infrastructure projects.

Sam Hachem does have positive positions regarding the City’s development. Stemming from his Realtor background, Sam understands the need to balance development between old and new communities to satisfy the needs of new families, and articulates downtown revitalization as a key piece in preventing excessive sprawl.

Sam describes Edmonton’s current bus system as “good enough” but would like to invest more into LRT expansion. His main concern with the expansion is understandably financing, however ActivatED is concerned about Sam’s frail knowledge of the Public-Private-Partnership model of financing. We would nonetheless acknowledge Sam’s drive to learn more about this model and the City’s overall model of financing infrastructure projects.

Sam Hachem has committed to disclosing his election finances to the public prior to the election.


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