Heather MacKenzie has progressive policies, solid experience, and an exciting vision for Ward Six and for Edmonton. She will be able to effectively bring a diverse voice to city council.

MacKenzie is uniquely experienced in this riding, as she is currently an elected official – she has spent the last three years as an Edmonton Public School Board Trustee, including serving as the Caucus Chair of the Board, and Chair of the School Closure Moratorium Committee. It is during this time that she has gained knowledge and skills to be truly effective on city council.

MacKenzie’s policy is progressive and visionary, centering around vibrant, resilient, and inclusive communities.

She has research-based, progressive policies on urban sprawl, urban agriculture, and sustainable transportation. MacKenzie supports development that is environmentally, socially, and fiscally responsible, and supports family friendly infill to create lively neighbourhoods. She has a thorough understanding of urban agriculture and food security – she is dedicated to preserving valuable farm land around the city as well as promoting other forms of urban agriculture. In addition, MacKenzie values active and public transportation – she believes a wide variety of transit options can improve air quality, lessen traffic congestion, and foster independence. Streets should accommodate people who are moving by many different types of methods.

MacKenzie has experience and knowledge of equity issues. She believes communities are strengthened through diversity and values an improved standard of living for all – supporting commitments from the City and the province to a comprehensive poverty elimination strategy and a goal of ending child poverty. Her understanding of equity issues is intersectional – she recognizes that Edmonton must eliminate food deserts and ensure access to local, healthy food, she recognizes the important work of Racism Free Edmonton, and she understands that City Council must honour and advocate for the rights established in Treaty 6. MacKenzie has the experience to work towards equity issues on an elected board – in her term as a Edmonton Public School Board Trustee, she was a key player in major achievements including a policy for sexual and gender minorities, the creation of a Special Needs Task Force, and the creation of an Anti-Bullying Task Force. This history demonstrates she is capable and willing to push progressive policies.

MacKenzie supports public ownership and operation of public infrastructure, and will be releasing funders of her campaign prior to the election.

She has support from community members, including Betty Lafferty, a First Nations Cree Elder on the Council of Elders; Renee Vaugeois, the Executive Director for the John Humphrey Centre for Peace and Human Rights and the President of Ainembabazi Children’s Project; Michael Phair, a previous City Councillor, Tad Hargrave, co-founder of The Local Good, and Dr. Kristopher Wells, Assistant Professor and Associate Director of the Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services at the University of Alberta.

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Phone: 780-666-4691

Twitter: @heathermacken

Office: Westmount Fitness Club, 12840 109 Ave (launch Aug. 24)

Office Hours: Wednesday 3-5:30pm (beginning Aug. 28)


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