Dave Colburn

Dave Colburn has a forward thinking and realistic platform, has demonstrated he knows how to win elections, and has the leadership and consensus building abilities to make positive change happen on city council.

His concern about the health of communities and people drives his policies. If elected, he would promote walkable, bikeable neighbourhoods, smart growth, and curtail sprawl. He would actively consult with citizens on change, such as infill development, and provide education on the real benefits of mixed use and dense communities. He doesn’t just want to “consult” but show concretely that he listened.

He doesn’t support the wanton development of our prime agricultural lands. He believes in nutritious fresh food and a thriving local economy.  As a councillor, he would sit down with community food groups and devise a better way forward.

Colburn’s most impressive idea is campaign reform. You need $40, 000 or more to win a seat on council, and most of this money comes from the development sector or unions. He wants to limit corporate and union donations, and make elections more democratic.

Colburn wants local ownership and control of our public goods. He doesn’t like the idea of privatizing services, such as public-private partnerships (P3s), but understands the pressures the city faces for funding. He would fight to get the best deal for the city when it comes to funding infrastructure projects, such as the LRT.

Environmental conservation and sustainability are core commitments for Colburn. Protecting and preserving our natural world is a “no brainer” for him.  Colburn wants equity, justice and fairness in housing options. He is concerned about the ability of developers to just pay the city cash instead of building affordable suites in their buildings. He believes in social and affordable housing and would be comfortable putting it in his neighbourhood.

He has a proven track record getting elected, winning three elections to the school board. He has chaired the public school board for two years, demonstrating his ability to lead. He knows how to build consensus among people who disagree. He persisted in his project to ban the sale of junk food in Edmonton Public Schools for years through several motions and votes. He built consensus with his colleagues and eventually succeeded.

Dave Colburn is a progressive candidate with smart, realistic policies and the experience to win an election.


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