ActivatED Endorses Ben Henderson Ward 8

Ben Henderson is the incumbent for Ward 8 and has a solid platform and voting history that prioritizes building a sustainable and strong Edmonton.

He supports continuing community development through community revitalization and renewal, and is a proponent of affordable housing. He has experience in community revitalization by being a former vice-president of the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues and during his time as a councillor, he has advocated for mature community growth, community engagement and consultation, and better recognition of the important role that schools play within neighbourhoods.

He believes in efficient and affordable public transit, and supports bike-friendly initiatives that have biker safety and convenience in mind, including supporting the creation of a 10-year bicycle master plan. He also promotes the idea of Edmonton as a walkable city, which would include neighbourhood sidewalk renewal and better designing of new neighbourhoods.

Henderson believes in supporting vulnerable families and minorities. He has supported City Council’s commitment to the new ten-year homelessness plan and housing first strategy, and he is the Chair of the province-wide Inter-City Forum on Social Policy. He is also a trained mediator and negotiator and currently mediates with Catholic Social Services Family Mediation Program, specializing in family and community conflicts. His ultimate goal is to develop a long-term poverty reduction strategy for Alberta.

Henderson is a strong supporter of the arts and our cultural diversity as a city. Before his two terms as a city councillor, he spent 25 years as a theatre company director and helped to create the Edmonton Arts Council. As a councillor, he helped create the “Art of Living”, a new arts and heritage master plan for the City of Edmonton. He also sees potential in Edmonton to be a leading winter city, working on the new WinterCity Strategy and spearheaded the creation of the Winter Light Festival.

Ben Henderson is a leader and if elected for another term, he intends to continue working for a sustainable and modern city with a strong and vibrant community that works together for the good of Edmonton.

For more information, please visit his website at, his twitter @ ben_hen


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