ActivatED is not endorsing anyone in Ward 9, as there is currently one candidate – Councillor Bryan Anderson – and Anderson does not meet our definition of progressive. While he meets our requirements in a couple of areas – particularly campaign financing, where he has disclosed all current campaign funding on his website and will continue to do so before the election, as well as supporting LRT expansion – Anderson is not a progressive voice on council.

From his history in council, Anderson does not consider urban agriculture to be of importance, and has voted to develop valuable agricultural land around Edmonton, and has not prioritized other methods of urban agriculture.

Anderson has made it clear that he supports property owners and supports development that he considers good for the city – and has shown that he believes this to be suburban development, and has been cautious or opposed to infill developments.

Although Anderson supports the LRT expansion, and is a promoter of active, healthy lives, he has not supported active transportation infrastructure, such as bike lanes, at City Council.

Anderson does not have a thorough understanding of what equity means, and his unacceptable comments on the apartment development being built by Jasper Place Health and Wellness centre for the recently homeless demonstrates this.

Finally, he has supported the privatization of public utility and is not opposed to using P3 funding, as demonstrated by his support of P3 funding for the LRT line as well as proposed P3 funding for a recreation centre.


3 thoughts on “WARD 9 STATEMENT

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  2. There actually is another candidate running in Ward 9, Andrew Gorman. Please research both of these candidates, and conclude with one endorsement. I live in this ward, and am not sure who is more progressive, and who should get my vote.

    • Hi Bodda!

      First of all, I apologize for the late response! We haven’t been able to spend much time monitoring our website (unfortunately) due to a lack of resources. Thanks for your comment!

      We actually tried to contact Andrew Gorman via email on nomination date, and he has never responded, leaving us unable to analyze his responses to our criteria. We encourage all to do their own research in addition to ours!

      Andrew Gorman’s website is here:

      Or you can watch the Ward 9 forum hosted by the City of Edmonton, archived here:


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