Get Involved!

With E-DAY a mere four days away, campaigns are ramping up to throw their last and final efforts into the races they have been working so hard at. The next week aims to GOTV, or Get-Out-The-Vote, where a campaign aims to focuses on getting their supporters to the polls on voting day, and convincing last minute undecided voters that they are indeed the best candidate for the job.

Candidates, campaigns staff and volunteers are exhausted and doing their best to maintain high levels of energy, enthusiasm and strategic play. The GOTV play can make or break a candidate’s chances in their final moments before E DAY, which is why they need your help:

ActivatED has identified two star progressive candidates who, with a little extra support in these last few days, have a fantastic shot at winning.

1. HEATHER MACKENZIE advocates for inclusive policies and a resilient downtown, and is the only candidate in Ward 6 with a proven progressive voting record. She is also the only progressive female candidate with a good chance at winning.

2. DAVID DODGE is by far the most sustainability minded candidate running in this election,  which has proven his capacity to make Edmonton a leader in green technology and innovation.

As part of our final efforts to make a dent in this election,  ActivatED will be volunteering (flyering and doorknocking) for both candidates in the final days before the election, and we need YOUR HELP:

October 19:

Heather MacKenzie’s Campaign

Meet at: Remedy Downtown 10279 Jasper Ave NW

11:00 AM – 6:00PM

Facebook event

October 20:

David Dodge

Meet at (Campaign Office) 8208 144 Avenue

11:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Facebook event


The ActivatED will be out on the campaigns all day – We invite you to join us for even an hour of your time! If you are able to help out, please

Make sure that YOUR VOICE is represented on the next City Council.


4 thoughts on “Get Involved!

  1. How can you possibly be endorsing candidates a full month or more before Nomination Day?

    • Hi Brian, Thank you for your question.

      Our team is committed to thorough research of both candidates who have already announced their candidacy, as well as keeping tabs on potential candidates who may be coming out of the woodwork leading up to Nomination Day. Our nominations are based on this information – however – If a new candidate does announce their candidacy who, according to our criteria, is more progressive/forward-thinking and a strategically strong candidate, We are fully committed to changing our nomination to reflect the best endorsement for each Ward.

  2. Can someone from ActivatED explain to me what your definition is of “urban sprawl” and how you intend to “put an end to it”.

  3. How do I join ActivatED in person?

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