Our Team

Who We Are

ActivatED was founded specifically as an initiative focused on the 2013 Edmonton Municipal Election. The ActivatED Team members are a group of passionate, progressive young—many of whom have graduated from the Next Up Leadership Program. We have come together from various Edmonton-based progressive advocacy realms, bringing with us valuable experience, enthusiasm and heartfelt desire to better the city we love.

We are not affiliated with any other groups or political parties.

We are operating solely on a volunteer basis, and no member of our team is receiving any monetary compensation for the work we are doing around the 2013 Election.

All funds we have raised have been through individual donations and have been put towards printing information cards, food for training sessions and meetings, and the dazzling website you are currently viewing. We do no anticipate our operating budget to exceed $500.00 for the duration of the election period.

We are committed to transparency and openness with regards to our work and motivations and encourage you to contact us with any further questions or concerns you may have.

Meet Our Team

Aliza Dadani- Founder/Strategic Organizer

Aliza currently works for the Centre for Race and Culture and does research for one of Edmonton women’s emergency shelters. She has spent the last two years in the non-profit industry with the intention of understanding the stories of Edmonton’s most vulnerable populations. Her academic background and passions are in Political Science and Women’s Studies. She believes that electoral politics are an important medium of activism and that each citizen has the capacity to influence the creation of government beyond just voting.

Alix Krahn- Core Organizer

Alix Krahn is currently working on her B.Sc. in Computer Engineering. She has been heavily involved with Engineers Without Borders Canada, is an alum of the Next Up program, and has been involved in other social activism. Deeply passionate about social justice and the complexity of cities, she has an abiding love of Edmonton.

Blaire Christensen- Main Mobilizing Organizer

Blaire Christensen is a recent graduate of Dalhousie University with an Honours BA in International Development Studies and Political Science. She currently works for the City of Edmonton. Although Blaire has lived in both Halifax and Ecuador, Edmonton is her home and Alberta politics are her passion. Consequently, she believes that Edmonton has the potential to be a municipal leader in sustainable and smart development through democratic political engagement and community empowerment.

David HerbertCore Organizer

David Herbert currently holds a BA in Political Science and History from the University of Alberta. He also currently works for the Legislative Assembly Office in a non-partisan role under House Services. In addition to working in government, David is very passionate about political activism—he recently graduated from the Next Up program last May. David is an ardent fan of Edmonton and believes that social and environmental progress can be achieved by political engagement via democratic means.

Evan HammerCore Organizer

Evan Hammer has a BA in Environmental Studies, with a focus on politics and economics, and is also a recent grad of the Next Up program. Evan’s curriculum vitae is as diverse as his passions including advocating for alternative transportation, working with persons facing homelessness, helping families and individuals find affordable housing and promoting environmental sustainability. He wants Edmonton to be a vibrant, flourishing city with a vision for the future centred on sustainable transportation, smart growth, environmental concerns, and the needs of the marginalized.

Contact Us

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5 thoughts on “Our Team

  1. hello my name is julie davies-jodoin, i am running for the schoolboard trustie in ward H. First time runner. my vision is substaining our education dollars to where it needs to be. i have looked at the overally budget for 2013 and it is scarie that where already in the red by $4,347,000 .if we can’t control the costs soon we will be seeing new cuts in programs that have been slashed already. i have talked to many parents and they all have the same concerns where is the school system going. im willing to talk and listen to all and i want to to be able to build a newer tom.

  2. We are interested in having a session at our community center please send us an email to contact you

  3. Hi. I checked out your definition of progressive. Then I looked at Ward 6 platforms. Kyle Brown seems to fit your definition better than Heather Mackenzie, but you have not changed your endorsement. According to the Team page, one of your “core organizers” was heavily involved in a charity that Ms. Mackenzie was also involved in. This has me questioning your objectivity.

  4. PS Note, I am not saying one or the other is a better candidate. And Kyle Brown’s original platform needed fleshing out just as Heather Mackenzie’s did, but that connection between one of the candidates and one of your organizers is noted.

    • Hi TJ!

      First of all, I apologize for the late response! We haven’t been able to spend much time monitoring our website (unfortunately) due to a lack of resources. Thanks for your comment!

      Regarding choosing Heather MacKenzie over Kyle Brown – we strongly believe Heather MacKenzie fits our definition of progressive well, and have articulated the reasons in our endorsement. If you have specific reasons why you don’t think so, please share! I’d also like to invite you to check out our post on why we chose Heather MacKenzie over some other progressive candidates here:

      Finally, in regards to our organizer and the candidate being involved in the same organization, please see the following statement (which is also in the blog post included above):

      Note: While one of ActivatED’s organizers has been involved with Engineers Without Borders Canada, she and Heather MacKenzie were not involved at the same time, and there was no involvement through the organization. The endorsement was based on knowledge of Heather MacKenzie’s values, platform, and valuing her work as Trustee. It was not based on involvement with Engineers Without Borders.

      Thanks, and take care,


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